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Where are you located?
We are located in the United States at:
2501 S Louise AVE 88812
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

What currency do you use?
Only USD

Which payment method do you accept?
Paypal or Google Checkout

What’s the process of receiving the payment?
You pay when you are completely satisfied.

Are there any types of projects you don’t accept?
Yes, we don’t accept Gambling, Adult websites (porn, soft porn, sites with adult ad’s), Pharmacy (Cheap drugs, Viagra, male/female enhancement, etc.), Hate and Spam Sites.

Will you archive my theme for future support?
Yes, we archive a copy of your theme for 90 days in to assist you recover your theme if it necessary.

Will you use my completed theme in your portfolio?
No, but if you allow us, we will be happy to display it in our portfolio.

What are your other services?
We also have PSD to Basic XHMTL, Joomla, and design services.

What’s the process of my project?
1- You submit your project with our order form.
2- We will contact you if the project is approved, and discuss the project details.
3- Our development team will complete the project.
5- Once you are satisfied with the final product, the invoice will be sent out.
6- Once our project manager has confirmed  payment, we will send the completed product to your email address or upload it to your server.