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Welcome to WPfromPSD a US based PSD to Wordpress coding shop. We know Wordpress and love it too! Our small group of professional coders, convert your design into a standard compliant cross browser Wordpress theme. We offer the lowest prices with fast high quality work, and guarantee you'll be satisfied with every project.

18 December 2009 1 Comment

Ten Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Content Management Solution

WordPress has become the bogging platform of choice for many people who do business online these days.  It is a simple process to get a website up and running in a few hours with this software, and even if you don’t know coding you can use a PSD to WordPress service to put a theme together exactly how you want and you are ready to go.  Here are 10 reasons why WordPress is the best content management solution for your blog or website.

Free—Thanks to the Internet and opensource software, free doesn’t always mean low quality these days.  Anyone can download WordPress software, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Easy Installation—Wordpress is super easy to download.  Most hosting platforms have a quick install feature to upload the backbone of your site in minutes.

Ease of use—Could bogging get any easier?  Once your theme is set up, you can add content in an instant.  Just open up a new page or post, copy/ paste your new material, and submit.  All the formatting is already in the system.

Plugins—Smart coders constantly release new plugins to expand features.  Want to accept Paypal transactions?  Install a plugin.  Want to add social bookmarks?  Install a plugin.  Translations in multiple languages?  Plugin.

Google-friendly—The search engines love this blogging platform due to efficient organization constantly updated content.  Learn a little about basic search engine optimization and keywords and you can climb up in Google ranking with minimal effort.

Versatility—While the software was intended for blogs, it can be used to build great static websites as well.  Set and forget your pages with all the features you need, and use the blog categories for occasional updates and recent news about your business.

Interact with Readers—Readers can leave comments on your site about material.  This is nice because in the old days there was no way to know how they felt about the content.

RSS—Wordpress makes an automatic RSS feed of your posts so if readers really like the material they can subscribe.  This is good for traffic because while readers are browsing their feeds they might catch your recent post and decide to click through and look at your site.  Repeat customer.

A Community—Wordpress has a big online following, so anytime you have problems you can go browse the forums and find solutions.  Of course, all the Internet marketers who are using this software provide yet another validation.

PSD to WordPress—Thanks to the contagion of the WordPress system, you can get any Photoshop design converted into a WordPress theme.  Great services are available to do it for a very small fee.  Just use Photoshop to put a great-looking theme together and then pass on the dirty work to someone who does it on a daily basis.  You are not limited to current WordPress themes; you are only limited to your imagination.

Are you already taking advantage of this software?  If not, you need to give it a go.  You will be amazed at how easy it has become to build and manage a website.  To get started today, use the PSD to WordPress services at www.wpfrompsd.com.


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